Miss Renee Simone

Live Band & DJ - Based in Byron Bay

“Renee Simone and her band can get any crowd dancing like they never have before” - Coco Miller, Vogue Magazine

"Humble and relaxed, she sat amongst hay bales and organza drapes with such poise, as though she were nestled amid silk and velvet surrounds. And just when you thought this stunning Caribbean goddess couldn't get any cooler, she pulled out a ukulele. Hook. Line. Sinker. This show seamlessly mixes original numbers with covers, leaving one with an appreciation for her song-smithery as well as her honeyed vocals. Simone is an intoxicating performer who shines on stage, and she deserves to be seen clearly by all. A wonderful night of Caribbean-style soul and jazz – take my advice and allow yourself to be captivated by Miss Renee Simone. "

- Reviewed by Nicole Russo, The Barefoot Review


“Renee has a relaxed and welcoming persona that immediately sets you at ease. I’ve never experienced such a well-planned set list. Renee begins with a series of soft Caribbean jazz songs, soothing the audience and making them forget the stresses of their day. With each song the tempo grows until before you know it you’re swaying to a lively beat, smiling when Renee smiles, and singing along with the chorus. Though undoubtedly the star, Renee does not dominate the stage. She shares the spotlight with her band mates. Most songs include a solo from either the guitarist or brass player and during these interludes Renee rests back, closes her eyes and appreciates the music. It’s wonderful to see a band that obviously enjoys performing together. Too often with popular bands or singers, their onstage chemistry seems strained and interactions perfunctory. Renee’s music and enthusiasm is infectious, and will leave you on an emotional high."

- Reviewed by Nicola Dowland, On Dit magazine 


"Captivating in her manner, voice and message...Simone could sing any genre of music and make it her own; her sultry and soulful voice glided around the room settling in for the night on the laps of all the audience members, like a purring pet. Her band were to be commended, with tasteful snare and percussive sounds and beautiful jazz guitar accompanying her; the soloist who pulled out various brass and woodwind instruments and the odd harmonica added just the right amount of colour, and harmonies were musically excellent with brilliant light and shade. Final Word: Mesmerising."

- Reviewed by Sian Williams, Rip it up Magazine


“It is her remarkable voice that captivates the audience, with her unique way of expressing the meaning of each number, and her versatility in embracing a wide range of material. Her voice is a joy to listen to as she turns every number into a piece that is all her own, even standards, and songs from groups like The Red Hot Chilli Peppers. Some might that say she greatly improves them, and I would not argue with that."

- Reviewed by Barry Lenny, Arts Editor, Glam Adelaide Magazine 


"ROAR is a rootsy, smooth collection of soul and R&B from Jamaican-born, Byron Bay-based vocalist Miss Renee Simone. Simone’s songs are delivered with a relaxed, back-porch elegance that recalls both classic vocal jazz and the egalitarian vibes of Blue King Brown or Mama Kin. Good vibes x 11" 

- Reviewed by Henry Reese '4ZZZ Awesome Fortnightly Music Update'